How To Direct Users From Email To Your Mobile App or Website Using Deep Links


At the fundamental level, deep links are merely a link (i.e URLs) that directs a user to a specific spot in your mobile or web application.

For a website, a link may be embedded in an email as such ```<a href=>Reset Your Password</a>```. When a user clicks this link, it will redirect them to the specific reset password webpage with their user details embedded in the token.

Similarly for a mobile app, a link may be embedded in an email as such ```<form action=exampleapp://resetpassword/token method=get><input…

In Part 1 we discussed what the longest common substring is when comparing two strings. To recap, a substring is what it says it is. Given a string ‘ABCDEFG’, is ‘ABC’ considered a substring ? What about ‘BCDEF’ ?

‘ABC’ and ‘BCDEF’ are both substrings of the string ‘ABCDEFG’ because they satisfy one important property: there can be no gaps in between them. For example, ‘ACD’ is NOT a substring since you skipped ‘B’.

Fig A. ‘ACD’ is a subsequence while ‘ABC’ is a substring.

So what then is ‘ACD’ if it is not a substring of ‘ABCDEFG’ ? Well, the precise term would be a subsequence. …

In this quick 5-minute read, I want to share with you how to use the ‘connect-flash’ package for your Express Application. Let’s get to it !

connect-flash is a library which allows you to flash messages whenever you are redirected to another webpage. Typically, when you log in to a website, a message would ‘flash’ on top of your screen indicating your success or failure in logging in.

How can you recreate the above functionality without being bogged down with all the nitty gritty details of implementing it ? Enter connect-flash.

First, go ahead and setup a simple Express application…

Roy Cheong

Software Engineer @dormakaba

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